SOLIVIA Configuration Wizard Help Topics


Š     Log in page

Š     Registration form for the installer

Š     SOLIVIA Monitor Configuration Wizard window

Š     Customer Registration form

Š     Site Details form

Š     Gateway Details form

Š     Inverter Details form

Š     SOLIVIA Monitor setup window and final confirmation




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1.   Log in page


This is the log in page for the SOLIVIA Monitor.


User (Email address) field:  This should be the email address of the user’s account.


Password:  The password of the installer can be selected when registering.  The password of the customer account can be specified by the installer and is emailed to the user.  If you forget a password then you will need to click on “Forgot password” link and fill out the Password Recovery form.


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Important note:  Once the email is entered in the Password Recovery form and the form is submitted, the user’s old password will be automatically replaced with a new password.  The old password will not work anymore. The user must check his email for the new password in order to log in again.



Register link:

Clicking the Register link will invoke the registration form where the user can set up an installer account.



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2. Registration form

Bolded fields are mandatory in this form.


Email field:  This will be the installer’s user name.

Password field:  This is the password for the installer account

Checkbox:  This is an optional checkbox to allow a user to receive a monthly newsletter from SOLIVIA solar inverters. If blank, no newsletter will be sent to the user.



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3. SOLIVIA Monitor Configuration Wizard window



After successfully registering and logging in the installer can click on “Manage Customers” and the configuration wizard will come up.  To install a complete new PV system there are four steps to follow:


Š     Add a customer by filling out the Customer Registration form, then click next.

Š     Add Site Details by filling out the Site Details form, then click next.

Š     Add a Gateway to a Site by filling out the Gateway Details form, then click next.

Š     Add an Inverter by filling out the Inverter Details form and then click finish.

The details of your PV system will be saved on the hard drive.


A user can edit any of the items in the wizard by clicking the “Details” button and making changes to the form.  A delete button is provided to eliminate items in the wizard that are no longer needed.


Note:  Please be careful with the delete button!  If you eliminate an inverter from the wizard, all of the associated items will also be eliminated.  Contact Delta support if you have a problem with this topic.  (**Armin to check this point!!!)



Add a customer in the Configuration Wizard:


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4. Customer Registration form:


All fields that are bolded are mandatory.



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5. Site Details form:



After completing a customer registration, a site can be set up for the customer.  Please carefully fill out the site details form to add a site.  Fields that are bolded are mandatory.  Below are special notes about important fields.


Site Name field:  Please enter a unique site name.  If you have more than one site, please enter a different name for each site.


Term field:  This field is only for internal tracking purposes and the user does not need to enter any information.


Address1, Address 2, Postal Code, City, State fields:  Please fill out these optional fields.


Country:  Please select your country from the drop down list.


Install Date:  The default is today’s date. 


Time Zone:  This is important for the functionality of the graphs. 


GPS Location:  The GPS Location for your site  can be found on Googlemaps or Bing maps.  Please state the plant location in longitude and latitude with decimal geographic coordinates.



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6. Gateway Details form:


After completing a site set up, please fill out the gateway form to add a gateway.


Name field:  Enter the desired name of the gateway.


MAC address:  Please enter the MAC address of the gateway.  This is very important to allow the monitoring to function so please enter the information with the utmost accuracy.  Please separate the digits of the mac address with a hyphen, following the mac address labels that are included with the gateway.


Note that two MAC address labels provided with the gateway can be placed in a location of your choice for easy reference.  We recommend the inside page of the inverter user manual, as one possibility.


Gateway Type field:  Please select the gateway model from the drop down list.




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7. Inverter Details form:


After setting up a gateway, please fill out the inverter details form to add an inverter.


Model Name field:  Select your SOLIVIA inverter model


Network ID field:  This is the network ID of your inverter.  This is important to match the ID of the inverter at the installation and important that this ID is unique for each inverter in the installation. Please check your inverter user manual for more information if needed.


Module Information:


MPP Volts field:  Please check the module data sheet for the module in your installation.  (Note:  MPP Volts can also be shown as Rated Voltage)


MPP Amps field:  Please check the module data sheet for the module in your installation (Note:  MPP Amps can also be shown as Rated Current)


Temp. Co-eff. field:  Please check the module data sheet and reference the temperature coefficient of the power in a percentage / Ż C.  The default is shown as -0.5% / Ż C. 


Watts per module field:  Please check the module data sheet for the max. power of the solar module.


Modules / String field:  Please enter the number of modules in each string of your installation.


String(s) / Inverter field: Please enter the number of strings per the selected inverter.


System Derate field:  This is the derating that occurs per year for your system.  The default is set to 0.9%. 


Annual Degrade field:  This is the module degrade per year for your module type.  The default is set to 0.5%.


Mounting Information:


Azimuth field:  Please enter the azimuth in degrees.  The default is 180 degrees,  which is direct south. 


Tilt field:  Please enter the tilt of your installed modules in degrees.


Mounting System field:  Please select the mounting system of your modules.  There are six choices available.


Tracking system field:  Please select the tracking  type.  The default is fixed tracking if your modules are without a tracking system.




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8. SOLIVIA Monitor setup window and final confirmation



When all information is entered in the configuration wizard, and is correct, then the user should click finish to save the data.  Until the finish button is clicked and set up is confirmed, the data will not be finalized in the database.


Important:  Please note that the user must click the finish button to save new updates or a new system setup in the wizard. If the user clicks cancel after creating some new objects in the wizard and does not click finish, the objects entered will not be saved.



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After the setup is confirmed by clicking OK in the finalize window, the set up will be stored in the SOLIVIA Monitor database.  The user will receive a confirmation message as shown below that the save was successful.



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